Contemporary Christian Music 70's

Sunday Morning Time Sweep 

It All Comes down to This

These are the top Christian Contemporary Songs of 1970

1.  Infinity Plus Three          Presence of the Lord

2. The Armageddon Experience    I've Got The Love

3. Kentucky Faith              Open Your Eyes

4. Judy Collins             Amazing Grace 

5. Mylon Lefevre       Old Gospel Ship 

6. Glass Harp           I'm Going Home

7. The Gamble Folk        Dear Jesus

8. Andrae Crouch & The Disciples          Christian People

9. Lawrence Reynolds      Jesus Is A Soul Man  


Christian Music  the year 1971

1.  Mighty Clouds of Joy      Soul Concern 

2.  Andrae Crouch & Disciples    I'm Gonna  Keep On Singing

3.  Phoenix Son Shine       Shinning In The Light 

4.  Randy Stonehill     Norman Kitchen

5. Lazarus    Blessed

6.  Ray Stevens     Turn Your Radio On

7.  Love Song     Maranatha

8.  Children of The Day    Children of The Day

9. Debbie Kerner    Behold I Stand At The Door 

10.  Overland Stage    Salvation 


Top CCM songs of 1972


1.  Randy Matthews   Didn't He

2.  Paul Clark   Looking Glass Incident

3.  Love Song  A Love Song 

4.  Danny Taylor   Talkin' Bout Jesus

5.  Ken Gulliksen   Charity

6.  Denny Stahl  The Son In My Life

7.  Jerry Whitman   Catch Me

8.  The Good News Circle   Never Sought His Face

9.  Mylon Lefevre    Working On A Building

10.  E. Band   Walk To The Light