It's time to introduce everyone to ten new songs.

Being added to the playlist this week.

The bobcat has been searching for new artist this week.

Starting from number ten down to the number one spot.

Number ten Carol Markstrom Long, Long Time

Number nine Elizabeth Hope Goodbye Summer

Number eight Drake Millligan Hating Everything She Tries On

Number seven Chandler Ray See You Tonight

Number six Brandon Davis Hearts Don't Rust

Number five Warren Zeiders Ride The Lighting

Number four Tyler Booth I Got Paid

Number three Tim McGraw Small Town King

Number two Mason Ramsey Reason To Come Home

Here's the Big One

Number One Restless Road Sundown Somewhere

The Bobcat

KTBC gives you the best new singles, You Got It, Go For It

Top Ten new singles this month 

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America will always Remember 911

Kiss like you dance  Charlie Warsham  

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I Got Paid   Tyler Booth