EZZ Soft Wave Radio, Keep listening to the easy music all through the summer, changes coming  September 2024

EZZ Soft Wave Radio is now on Amazon Alexa. First say "Alexa, Enable Easy Soft Music Skill. "   Second say Alexa, Play Easy Soft Music .   Thats all now you are set. You only need to say Alexa Enable and skill one time.  Enable is replaced with Play.. 

We Remember the Great Orchestra Leaders from the past.  Here is our tribute. To theses great musical masters. Floyd Cramer ,  Bert Kempfert Tommy Garette ,  and Billy Vaughn  Each week we will add more.  You will hear these great masters on EZZ soft wave radio.

History of Muzak   

Muzak, an American brand of background music played in retail stores and other public establishments, was founded by inventor George Owen Squier. Squire, credited with inventing telephone carrier multiplexing in 1910, developed the original technical basis for Muzak. He was granted several US patents in the 1920's related to transmission of information signals.

In 1922, the rights to Squier's patents were acquired by the North American Company utility conglomerate which created the firm Wired Radio, Inc., to deliver music to their customers charging them for music on their electric bill. 

The company Muzak was created by using the made-up word Kodak a trademark. So, he combined the word music with Kodak and came up with Muzak. 

Muzak was purchased from Warner Bros. in 1937. Now the company is owned by Mood Media purchased from WB in 2011.  





Keep Listening to EZZ radio for the vintage sounds of Muzak.  We play 30minutes nonstop  each day

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